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Strong Women

Mar 27, 2024

We are forgetful people. But as we rehearse the story of the Gospel together through redemptive spiritual rhythms, we can remember and be shaped by truth. As we commemorate Christ’s death and resurrection this Holy Week, Bishop Michael Williams joins us to talk about the story of Easter, the Church calendar, and how God forms us through participation in the life of the Church. 


The Benedict Option by Rod Dreher 

Deep Anglicanism by Gerald McDermott 

Death on a Friday Afternoon by Richard John Newhouse 


Doubts and hard questions are a welcome part of the Christian life. But many young Christians today are being encouraged to “deconstruct” their faith. Culture becomes the standard of truth instead of Scripture, and many young believers walk away from faith altogether. To help the Church offer a better way to those who are deconstructing, Alisa Childers and Tim Barnett have written The Deconstruction of Christianity. They define what deconstruction really is, why it’s appealing to so many, and why it’s harmful. They also equip us to love those who are deconstructing by welcoming the hard questions while also upholding truth. This month, get a copy of The Deconstruction of Christianity by giving a gift of any amount to the Colson Center at 

If you’ve listened for a while, you’ve probably heard me talk about the Colson Fellows program and what a transformational experience it has been in my life and the lives of many fellow believers. The Colson Fellows program was designed for men and women with full, busy lives. The program combines theological, spiritual, and worldview formation through a carefully curated combination of readings, daily devotions, live webinars, and monthly meetings with your peers. Interesting but wondering if you have the time or what it takes to complete the program? I assure you, it’s well worth your investment and has been completed by many women in all stages and seasons of life. Interested in learning more? You can explore the program and submit an application at 

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