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Strong Women

Sep 30, 2022

Listen to Sarah and Erin reflect on their conversation with Nancy Guthrie. 


Nancy Guthrie Reflection Show Notes 

Nancy's Website 

Wilberforce Weekend Online 

Holding Onto Hope by Nancy Guthrie 

Nancy's Books 

The Strong Women Podcast S2 10: Trusting God's Word When We Don't Understand with Cynthia Heald 

Join Strong...

Sep 28, 2022


How do we overcome suffering instead of letting it overcome us? Bible teacher and author Nancy Guthrie joined us live from Wilberforce Weekend and shared God’s faithfulness to her when she lost two of her children to an uncurable disease. Sarah, Erin, and Nancy also talk about how to lay a rich...

Sep 23, 2022

Listen to Sarah and Erin reflect on their conversation with Judy Squier. 


Judy Squier Reflection Show Notes 

Judy’ Website 

The Shepherd Showed Up!: How our Family Survived the Valley of the Shadow of Death by Judy Squier 

His Majesty In Brokenness by Judy Squier 

Living in the Names of God: His Majesty and Me by...

Sep 21, 2022

Judy Squier’s life has been marked by overcoming again and again. After being born with no legs, she went on to marry, have three daughters, and self-publish many books. In this interview you’ll hear Judy’s radiant love for Jesus and her attitude of thankfulness for all God has done through her even when it...

Sep 16, 2022

How can we glorify God at home? Join Sarah and Erin as they discuss the importance of the home and the way we can foreshadow heaven at home. 


Carrie Gress Reflection Show Notes 

Theology of Home Website 

Theology of Home: Finding the Eternal in the Everyday by Carrie Gress 

Theology of Home II: The Spiritual Art of...