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Strong Women

Jun 29, 2022

Today we have the gift of getting to know Jo Rybka, mother of Juli Slattery. After coming to know Jesus around the same time as her husband, Larry, a new journey focused on believing and living the Bible began for their family. Through Jo’s story we learn about growing into a Godly woman and being a loving wife.


Jun 24, 2022

As Colson Center's fiscal year comes to a close, we're thankful to reflect on all that God is doing at the Strong Women podcast. Today, we hear from you, the listeners, about how the podcast and community have blessed you!

There are many ways to support us, and one of them is making a gift through 

Jun 22, 2022

It’s time for a book update! Sarah and Erin share what books they’re reading and reflect on how God has blessed the Strong Women podcast over the last few months.

The month of June is the end of the Colson Center's fiscal year-end. We are so thankful that the Colson Center has taken on the Strong Women podcast as a...

Jun 17, 2022

Listen to Sarah and Erin reflect on their conversation with Valerie Elliot Shepard. 


Valerie Elliot Shepard Reflection Show Notes 

Elisabeth Elliot's Memorial Service 

The Strong Women Podcast 7. Life-Long Learning with Cindy Rollins 

The Strong Women Podcast 21. The Importance of Advent with Cindy Rollins 

Jun 15, 2022

Valerie Elliot Shepard, the only daughter of Jim and Elisabeth Elliot, shares about her early years living in the jungle with her missionary parents. Not only do we hear unique stories about Jim and Elisabeth, we also hear more about how their legacy shaped Valerie’s time as a pastor’s wife and mother to eight...