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Strong Women

May 29, 2024

Laura Perry Smalts spent nine years rejecting God and chasing a different "gender identity." Despite Laura’s social, hormonal, and surgical attempts to become a man, the promises of gender ideology proved to be lies. In the face of her anger and hatred of God and the Church, God miraculously broke through Laura’s heart with loving conviction and compassion. Tune in to hear her incredible journey and learn how to persevere in Christlike love toward loved ones embracing gender ideology. 


Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis 

God, Sex and Marriage by Juli Slattery 

Love Thy Body by Nancy Pearcey 

God's Smuggler by Brother Andrew 

The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom 

As Christians, we’re called to love God with all our minds, and be transformed by the renewal of our minds. Without a mind that’s shaped by God’s Word, we’ll struggle to champion the truth, beauty, and goodness of God’s Kingdom in this time and place. To address this problem, Michael Craven, Vice President of Equipping and Mobilization at the Colson Center has written a brand-new, free e-book called The Christian Mind: Its Necessity to Christian Relevance and Renewal. It’s a primer on developing a thoroughly Christian mind for the sake of the Kingdom. If you want a more robust faith that actually shapes how you live in the world today, or if you’re wondering why cultivating a Christian mind really matters, you should read this book. You can grab your free copy by going to    

The Strong Women podcast exists to display the beautifully diverse ways God invites and equips women to participate in His story, encouraging us to step out of shallow definitions of womanhood and into the freedom of strong womanhood in Christ. Strong Women is a listener-funded program from the Colson Center that is only available for free because it has already been paid for by hundreds of listeners like you. To support the ongoing production of Strong Women, visit today   

The Strong Women Podcast is a product of the Colson Center which equips Christians to live out their faith with clarity, confidence, and courage in this cultural moment. Through commentaries, podcasts, videos, and more, we help Christians better understand what’s happening in the world, and champion what is true and good wherever God has called them Learn more about the Colson Center here:  

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