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Strong Women

Oct 25, 2023

Abortion has been packaged and falsely marketed as a form of healthcare necessary for women’s empowerment, while pro-life advocacy has been mislabeled as anti-woman. Dr. Christina Francis knows this reasoning is backwards, and she uses her voice to fight for the wellbeing of women and babies. Today, she does that as an OB-GYN and CEO of the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists (AAPLOG). Dr. Francis works hard to inform women about the realities of chemical abortion as well as the lifesaving option of abortion pill reversal. This week, she talks about her journey of becoming a passionate pro-life advocate, the harms of chemical abortion, the progress of her lawsuit against the FDA, and how Christians can be thoroughly pro-life. 


The Way of Medicine: Ethics and the Healing Profession by Dr. Fahr Curlin and Chris Tollefson 


Secular culture has widely embraced the destructive ideas produced by Critical Theory. But these ideas have caused great cultural divisions and a loss of faith. Neil Shenvi and Pat Sawyer’s latest book, Critical Dilemma, is a much-needed resource to help Christians understand Critical Theory in all its forms and respond with discernment, truth, and love. You can claim your copy today at . 

Registration for our 2024 Colson Center National Conference – Courageous Faith – is now open! From May 30 – June 2, we’ll gather in Arlington, Texas at the brand-new Loews Hotel & Resort. We at the Colson Center believe every Christian can live like one. But we also know that, when the world around us is changing rapidly, it’s hard to know how to live as a Christian in this time and place. The Colson Center National Conference is a gathering of people who want to face today’s unique challenges with informed and courageous faith. This year’s gifted speakers include Sean McDowell, Neil Shenvi, Kathy Koch and more. They will help us tackle the complex worldview challenges of today with biblical insight and practical application. To register at our lowest price, go to today. 

The Strong Women Podcast is a product of the Colson Center which equips Christians to live out their faith with clarity, confidence, and courage in this cultural moment. Through commentaries, podcasts, videos, and more, we help Christians better understand what’s happening in the world, and champion what is true and good wherever God has called them Learn more about the Colson Center here:  

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