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Strong Women

Oct 11, 2023

In part 2 of our conversation with Georgette Forney, she shares how God directed her pro-life advocacy toward end-of-life-care. She has taken time to research and write a Christian curriculum on end-of-life care, to help Christians think biblically about aging and death and care for those nearing the end of life. Georgette’s commitment to honoring and dignifying aging image bearers goes well beyond simply educating and informing others. You’ll hear how she has joyfully devoted her time to caring for aging church members and loved ones. She also shares practical advice on how to care for, connect with, and create meaningful memories with loved ones in the end-of-life stage.  


Embrace the Journey 8 week DVD adult education series 

Heaven by Randy Alcorn 

Julie by Catherine Marshall 

Christy by Catherine Marshall 

Light in My Darkest Night by Catherine Marshall (out of print) 

Other Catherine Marshall books 


Secular culture has widely embraced the destructive ideas produced by Critical Theory. But these ideas have caused great cultural divisions and a loss of faith. Neil Shenvi and Pat Sawyer’s latest book, Critical Dilemma, is a much-needed resource to help Christians understand Critical Theory in all its forms and respond with discernment, truth, and love. You can claim your copy today at . 

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