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Strong Women

Feb 14, 2024

Dr. Juli Slattery returns to the podcast to debunk the unhealthy assumptions about marriage, sex, and relationships that many Christians have adopted from modern, secular culture. Rather than embracing these cultural views, we can humbly embrace what God has to say about things like sex, marriage, singleness, and the Church community. As we embrace God’s design for these things, we are better equipped to bring truth and love to those who are broken, hurting, and confused. 


Are you prepared to make the case for life? Scott Klusendorf’s newly updated edition of The Case for Life provides the tools we need to protect preborn lives from the ideologies and arguments that deny their value—including the arguments that have overtaken the world in just the last few years. Request your copy this month with a gift of any amount at 

Read A Man Born to be King...Together! Lent begins February 14th, and you’re invited to participate with the Strong Women community! We’ll be reading Dorothy Sayers’ The Man Born to be King, a series of 12 dynamic radio plays re-telling the life and ministry of Jesus. Our free reading guide, “The Kingdom of God is at Hand,” includes reflection questions for each play, as well as prayers to help you embrace the gift of repentance and “make straight the way of the Lord” in your heart this Lenten season. We start on Ash Wednesday—February 14. Come join us and read in community. Download your free reading guide here. 

Java with Juli Podcast or on Apple Podcasts 

Strong Women Podcast Episode 9. Sexual Discipleship with Dr. Juli Slattery 

God, Sex and Your Marriage by Dr. Juli Slattery 

Her Freedom Journey: A Guide Out of Porn and Shame to Authentic Intimacy by Juli Slattery and Joy Skarka To be released July 2024 

Five Lies of Our Anti-Christian Age by Rosaria Butterfield  



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