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Strong Women

Sep 14, 2022

Do you want to drastically impact your community? A flourishing home is a powerful place that draws us deeper into faith. Join us as we chat with Dr. Carrie Gress, the author of Theology of Home, about how we can faithfully reflect Christ in our homes. 


Carrie Gress Show Notes 

Theology of Home Website 

Theology of Home: Finding the Eternal in the Everyday by Carrie Gress 

Theology of Home II: The Spiritual Art of Homemaking by Carrie Gress 

Theology of Home: At the Sea by Carrie Gress 

The Benedict Option by Rod Dreher 

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis 

Rachel’s Vineyard (Post-Abortion Counseling) 

Strange New World by Carl Trueman 

The Strong Women Podcast 41. Faithfulness in Turmoil with Rod Drehr  

The Strong Women Podcast S2 19: The Modern View of Identity With Carl Trueman 

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