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Strong Women

Jun 7, 2021

Without the right frame, a stained-glass masterpiece is just a heap of shards.

Too many Christians experience the truth of God’s story as that disordered heap. They have many fragments of truth, dazzling but disconnected, and they don’t know how to fit those fragments together in a framework that brings the shards into a single, brilliant story.

We’re living at a hinge point in history. The ground has shifted. The frameworks have exploded. God has put each of us in this time and this place, and called us to rebuild those frameworks.

That’s what the Colson Center is doing in 2021: giving Christians the skills they need to piece together the fragments and see the fullness of God’s story.

With your gift of any amount before June 30th, you are helping rebuild the framework. You’re helping show where each truth—and each person’s story—fits in the masterpiece of God’s story.

It’s not enough to give people pieces of the truth. We have to give them the fullness of God’s beautiful story.

Make your gift here to become a part of this restoration project!