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Strong Women

Jun 26, 2024

Many assume prison is the last place to encounter God. But He is powerfully at work there through His people, both inside and out, fulfilling the promise to proclaim liberty to the captives and set at liberty those who are oppressed (Luke 4:18). Heather Rice-Minus, CEO of Prison Fellowship, has witnessed

Jun 19, 2024

Thanks to our relationship to technology, people are more disconnected than ever. Screen addiction is stunting real relationships, especially for kids and teens. How can we help young people pursue real, face-to-face relationships in the age of screens? Friend of the podcast Dr. Kathy Koch joins Sarah live at CCNC 2024...

Jun 12, 2024

Our post-Christian culture often promotes justice at the expense of mercy. God takes injustice seriously, and His forgiveness is the only thing in the universe that can deal with the full weight of injustice while also securing our redemption. According to theologian and apologist Amy Orr-Ewing, Christians have a...

Jun 5, 2024

You and I are not machines. We are trees. That’s just one of the beautiful observations in Joy Clarkson’s latest book, You Are a Tree: And Other Metaphors to Nourish Life, Thought, and Prayer. Joy joins us this week for a delightful conversation about metaphors and how they deepen our understanding of the human