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Strong Women

Oct 28, 2020

As we near an election week, join us as Jennifer Marshall Patterson shares how to think about politics in an increasingly divided political climate, how to order our lives as Christians in the political sphere, and how our public policy often reflects our deepest longings as human beings.  
Jennifer Marshall Patterson...

Oct 21, 2020

Today author Alisa Childers joins us to talk about her experience of doubt in the world of progressive Christianity and the power of the gospel to bring us truth, clarity, and assurance.  

Check out Alisa's brand-new book Another Gospel? here:

Oct 14, 2020

Today on the podcast, author Karen Swallow Prior joins us to explore the power of great stories, knowing our limits, and acting our convictions. We also discuss Karen's book "Fierce Convictions," which tells the extraordinary story of abolitionist Hannah More.

Check out "Fierce Convictions" here:

Oct 7, 2020

Marie Wood found faith in college, started a ministry with her husband, and live out what it means to be a faithful caregiver to children, including two medically-fragile sons.  Join us for an authentic conversation about hope, fear, and doubt in the difficult rhythms of life.  

Erin and her husband, Brett, run Maven...